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All types of laptop repairing are provided.

Any Brand Laptop Repair including Apple

We repair any hardware issue like screen repair, Keyboard repair, Mother repair, Touchpad/Power, Switch problem, heating issue, Speaker issue etc.

Printer Repair

We offer Samsung, Xerox, Brother, Canon, HP, etc printer repairing services at affordable cost. We provide the best services in Cartridge refilling in Delhi

CCTV installation / Repair

We provide qualified CCTV installers to offer surveillance system & security camera installation services at your doorstep within 2 hours of order

Part Replacement/Laptop Format/Window Installation

We provide replacement of any accessory or part of PC like Battery, Keyboard, Touchpad, Fan, Power Switch.

Biometric Installation

We provide the most advanced fingerprint and biometric-based employee time and attendance systems in Delhi. Attendance System measure a person’s unique physical and behavioral features with the help of an automated system. It captures the person’s face, fingerprints, hand geometry, handwriting, iris, retinal, vein, and voice to grant access or record.

Laptop/Computer Software Issue

We install any kind of desktop application you need in your Personal Computer like MS Office, VPN, Antivirus etc.

Don't you want to get laptop repair service in Delhi on one call? Laptop Home Service is one of the leading laptop and computer repair service providers. What makes you think that we are the best destination of your laptop and computer problems? Types of problems in computer or laptop we deal in repairing with: Vertical and horizontal lines on screen. Broken screen, White screen, Blank aur black screen. We repair laptop screen as well as laptop keyboard. We are proficient in repairing motherboard at chip level of any company. We repair laptop hinges. Fan of the laptop if it is not working property. In Delhi, we repair laptop from any place in Delhi. We also repair computer by reaching to your home. We are the expert printer technician as well. We repair laptop in Delhi not only keyboard and motherboard problem but also for adaptor repair, change the chip level component, laptop hinges, windows, anti-virus, installation, laptop battery, hard disk, wi-fi, lcd screen, windows problem, Laptop charger problem or issue.
We repair all brands of laptop like hp, toshiba, acer, asus, apple, dell, samsung laptop.
We are the best service centre in Delhi. All laptop computer and printer repair, we do onsite computer repair service. We have authorised laptop technician which are available 24*7. We also repair laptop in Delhi of ibm company and we repair laptop of compaq and hcl company as well. We also do screen replacement. We also repair cpu fans and coolers, hinge replacement, power jack replace. We are the best laptop repair service provider in Delhi.we are the shop that provide onsite service of your computer repair in Delhi at your preferred time. All the technical problems in your laptop can be resolved at any time in your office or in your home. Also provide services for desktop type computer. All these type of services are available at your doorstep. We repair computer and give solution for the desktop computer motherboard repair smps repair, screen replacement. Chip level repairing and servicing is done by our shop. We provide service not only in Delhi but also in other place like delhi noida indirapuram. All services at your door to repair your laptop in your pocket allowing your budget. We also provide chip level repairing and free pick and drop service for laptop repair in case everything cant be done at your location it is not always necessary to bring laptop to our shop 99.9% times we repair the laptop at your location we are the only startup which is working on no profit no loss business.
Call us for any assistance.
For repairing a laptop you should have various screw driver to take the covering off of the laptop. Even digital metre can help in diagnosing the problem by ourself. To take care of software on the laptop you can use different disk management tool, chkdsk. These are one of the most important things to take care of your computer software laptop or computer for you in Delhi. It is very much important to keep your firewall running so that it keeps the right packets in and out at all times and all actions very very safe.

Affordable pricing
3 months guarantee
24X7 Hours customer support Onsite and offsite repair service option is available
Reach to your home within 2 Hours
Only Rs 250

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All prices are too cheap to repair anything in laptop.

Laptop Repair

Rs 250/service
  • Laptop cleaning
  • Laptop's any hardware issue
  • Laptop Operating System Installation
  • Desktop Computer All Repairing Services
  • -

Printer/CCTV Installation and Repair

Rs 290 /service
  • Repair when Printing is too slow
  • Cartridge Refilling
  • CCTV Installation
  • Faulty hard drives and recorders for CCTV
  • -

Biometric Repair/ Installation

Rs 500 /service
  • Fix Fingerprint LOgin not Working
  • Biometric Installation
  • Scanner cleaning
  • Any Hardware/Software problem




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